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Each member of gloveries team is devoted to helping our clients succeed in business, no matter what it takes.



Each time our clients engage us to solve a problem, they are certain that we will come through for them with a solution.



We treat all projects with the same level of professionalism each time we get a brief to deliver a solution.

How We Built Africa's First Financial Pledging App With Little or Nothing.

If you can think it, you can achieve it. The giveasily.com app idea was conceived when I came to the realization that I consistently don’t fulfill the pledges I make in Church. Honestly, not because I don’t want to fulfill them, it escapes my mind most of the time. I shared my vision of developing an app to solve this common problem with my co-founder Sam Imafidon, he bought into my vision and from there we started developing giveasily.com with little or nothing.

How We Help Built Adenison Logistics To Become A Thriving Business From Scratch.

our journey to becoming a Thriving business solution company started in 2009. my former employer, PASTOR TUNDE OJO encouraged me to start GLOVERIES. HE gave me THE money I USED to register THE COMPANY while i was still under his employ because of my passion to FINDING SOLUTIONS TO BUSINESS PROBLEMS.

Paul Oseghale. CEO


We enjoy divine grace that set us apart from our competitors in Nigeria.

We cannot by ourselves help any business thrive, despite what we think we know, we can’t. Our ability to help businesses in Africa survive and succeed is hinged on the divine grace we enjoy as a company. Our passion to sincerely help solve problems facing SME’s in tough business climates is powered by divine wisdom to apply the right solution to the right problem for our clients. Today, we are proud to say that we can help you navigate the challenges of thriving in business by helping you design and implement solutions that will give you speed.

Operational Excellence

The level of our operational efficiency reflects the quality of our results.

Innovative solutions

We provide outstanding service and solutions through teamwork.

Best Business Practices

We following best business practices in the world in building world-class solutions.

Best Support Services

You can depend on us to provide you with the best support services.

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